Vampire 8 (Higgi Bloodbike) Jun – Jul 2017

Since the Last update Vampire 8 has reached an amazing 2500 miles.

As well as appearances at numerous fundraising events, Vampire 8 is still on duty pretty much everyday to provide service to the NHS.

As this is one of our Blue Light Equipped bikes it is best served on Duty around Liverpool Central so that it can be available for critical / threat to life runs from Aintree Trauma unit. (Walton Centre)

Since we last spoke, Vampire 8 has attended a series of Blue Light Emergency, Frozen Section sample runs from Aintree Renal unit where samples are placed on ice and taken to Liverpool Royal Hospital for testing. This is all done while the patient is still on the operating table and therefore as you can imagine, samples are incredibly time sensitive. Over the last 5 weeks Vampire 8 has been camped at Aintree Tower Block most Tuesdays & Thursdays in order to deal with this requirement. The Blue Light trained Riders have also commented that the system fitted to the Higgi Bloodbike is extremely simple to use and makes this work easier to undertake. A comment from one of our riders Terry (an Ex-fire service motorcycle advanced rider) “The Blue Light system on the New Higgi Bloodbike is really well thought out and makes the switch to Blue lights whilst progressing through traffic very easy and much safer than previous machines used by the fire service”.

In addition to this, Vampire 8 has done a further 9 runs around the Wirral Clinic Runs as discussed in our previous update (the larger carrier rack fitted to Vampire 8 makes this more suitable for the circa 650 blood samples we carry each day for the Phlebotomy Clinics on the Wirral)

4 Blood Transfusions for Marie Curie Hospice

Warrington to Alderhey Twice

Halton Urgent Care to Warrington 7 times. (time sensitive samples from a minor injuries clinic out of hours)

Warrington to Liverpool Royal return. This was a call received by our Operator Tiny who handed the phones over to one of his colleagues so that he could attend a call to Warrington Path Lab (on Behalf of A&E) to collect a Bearers note & two Boxes and return from LRUH with units of Factor 5, A clotting Agent which would serve to save a Haemophiliac who had fallen and broken his hip from bleeding to death

Once again we are as a group extremely grateful for your donation and hope that this update gives you an insight into exactly how much your donation is saving lives