Higgi report June 2018

Higgi Blood bike

Vampire 8 has had a very busy month in June helping Merseyside and Cheshire blood bikes to complete 550 runs. It has now completed 13800 miles for our group making this one very busy machine. Vampire 8 still is our go to bike for any of our urgent blue light jobs and without this fantastic bike we would not be able to fully service all of our Merseyside clients.

Unfortunately Ireland continue to have a problem with there water supply making it impossible for them to be able to process donated breast milk. Vampire 8 plays a very important part in ensuring that milk in transported from our North West human milk bank (the biggest human milk bank in the UK) and makes it safely to our friends at P&O cruises and from there it is transported across the sea to our friendly Irish blood biker colleagues where it is transported to all the hungry and poorly Irish babies.

Vampire 8 has been on a very special mission this month helping to save the life of a very poorly baby. We have been tasked with a mission of picking up a very special milk formula each day from Alder-hay special feeds unit and taking it to The Woman’s hospital where a little hungry baby is awaiting there feed and all the goodness that it comes with.

Vampire 8 has once again been serving Aintree hospital whom regally ring in with time critical jobs that are needed to be transported to the transplant unit at the Royal hospital, these are samples that are needed to be transported on ice and are needed to be cross matched and tested to aid in an organ donation. As I’m sure you can imagine these samples are changing the course of multiple peoples lives and Vampire 8 proudly filters through the traffic and gets these samples the the designated place safely and quickly.

These are just a few of the amazing life saving journeys that vampire 8 has been assisting Merseyside and cheshire blood bikes with this month, its fantastic double sided racks, blue light facilities and great road presence make it one of our most reliable bikes.
Finally the Merseyside and Cheshire blood bike team would like to thank-you once again for your donation. We have enclosed a picture of Vampire 8 proudly sat outside the ferry terminal after delivering a huge amount of donated breast milk.