Higgi Report (March – April)

Vampire 8 has just completed its second service at 11000 Miles, A remarkable distance for any bike of this age, and an incredibly resilient machine.

As you can no doubt guess from the mileage, this month has been little different from previous reports. Vampire 8 is still a very busy bike.

As usual most of the jobs are from Aintree due to this bikes blue light capability, However due to its position inside the Square of Liverpool Hospitals it also serves Marie Curie, Liverpool Royal, Liverpool Womens & Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital (Broadgreen).

Earlier this Month we received a Call from Northwest Human Milk Bank in Chester, due to a contamination issue in the water supply at the milk bank in Ireland, they were unable to pasteurise their own donated breast milk and therefore the supply of human milk had dried up. Unfortunately Dublin Coombe Hospital (One of Northern Europe’s largest maternity hospitals) had a 24 week premature baby currently in slow labour and would need human milk to ensure the baby’s chances of survival. As well as this they also had a Neonatal unit full of babies that all needed Milk. The ladies at Chester scrambled to get a shipment of donor milk ready and with help of our friends at P&O ferries Liverpool, Milk was sent across with a rider on the overnight ferry.

Due to the nature of the contamination, Irish Human Milk Bank are now waiting for new equipment to complete the process. And therefore, a total of 8 shipments have been made. The first 3 runs required a rider to make the crossing until an agreement could be put in place so that P&O would be trusted with the shipment.