In 1875, Henry Higginbottom established: “Higginbottom & Co (Manchester) Ltd. A purveyor of Raw Chemicals, Metals, Minerals and general merchants shippers.”

Today the company is still in family ownership as “Higgi Limited” after incorporating other different business interests. This fresh and clean identity has enabled the Higgi team to develop new areas of activity with the aim of growing and diversifying the business.

At Higgi we believe it is essential for us to maintain a positive working but safe environment. This enables all our staff to work to their full potential, whilst maintaining lasting and mutually beneficial working relationships.

We require our suppliers and contractors to demonstrate the same values and work to the same high standards. As a small team we retain the flexibility, reliability and speed of decision making to deliver excellent customer service. Each member of staff are able to cover the skills and take on the responsibilities of their colleagues ensuring a stimulating and enriched working environment as well as creating a more robust and responsive business performance.

Meet the Higgi Team

Rasamee Jurkojc (Lat),
Business Administrator

Jean Jones,
Office Administrator

April Davies,
Managing Director

higgi team

Fleur Barlow,
Technical Director

Halina Burgess,
Business Service Manager

Keri Doyle
Business and Projects Manager

Keith Edwards,
Non-Executive Director

Proud founders of the Chemical Business Association

Higgi Limited is one of the founder members of the Chemical Business Association (CBA), formally known as the BCDTA.In 1993 the CBA launched it’s Responsible Care Programme. This is the chemical industry’s commitment to continual improvement in health, safety and environmental performance. It aims to bring public perceptions and industrial reality closer together. Higgi Limited committed to this scheme on 17th January 1995.

We are proud to be accredited to ISO 9001:2015, Green Dragon Environmental as well as the CBA Responsible Care Programme.

Today the CBA Responsible Care program has developed significantly and it now requires an annual self assessment questionnaire to have been submitted. This is collated and analysed so providing a means of monitoring the level of continual commitment and improvement. A further element of the assessment is a comprehensive 3 year improvement plan detailing all aspects of the Responsible Care Programme which is updated annually.

chemical business association

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higgi responsible care

CBA Responsible Care Programme

The chemical industry’s commitment to continual improvement in health, safety and environmental performance.

higgi UKAS ISO 9001

URS – ISO 9001:2015

United Registrar of Systems Ltd.(URS), is one of the fastest growing independent accredited registrars in the world. ISO 9001 demonstrates that Higgi is an organisation that is complying with all its requirements.

green dragon environmental standard

URS Green Dragon Environmental Management System

This scheme provides Higgi with the elements of an effective environmental management system that is appropriate to the nature, scope and scale of the business activities and operations.