Ammonium Sulphate (NH4)2SO4


  • Ammonium Sulfate
  • Diammonium Sulphate


UK – A byproduct from the production of Acrylic Monomer.

Physical description:

White odourless crystalline solid.


Typical purity %: >96% w/w

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  • Provides Nitrogen and Sulphur readily soluble for use in the agricultural market, as addition to fertilisers for golf courses and sport pitches and in industry for pesticides. As an adjuvant for improved uptake of herbicides (phototoxicity). Weeds recognise the ammonium glyphosate complex as a source of nitrogen and so it is more readily absorbed. Mildly acidic in solution, it is particularly effective on alkaline soils. Used as a pH adjustment in leather production. Used in the process of dying wool fee making yarn to be woven into Harris tweed. Flocculant for water purification.
  • It is a component of etchant solutions in the production of printed circuit boards.
  • In food processing ammonium sulphate is added to flour and dough as it aids/encourages the activation of yeast in industrial bread manufacture.
  • Also used as feed supplement, resin additive, and is a raw material within fire retardant preparations and thinners preparations.



Available in 1,000KG Bulk bags and 25KG bags (40 bags per pallet 1T)


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Industry Sectors

  • Horticulture
  • Electronics
  • Food Production