Magnetite (Iron Oxide Fe3O4)


  • Iron (II,III) Oxide, black iron oxide.


Various, primarily mineral ores from the northern region of Sweden.

Physical description:

Black or brownish-black with a metallic lustre. Odourless, solid (powder, granular particles or aggregate).


Typical purity %: 99.0%

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  • Provides a mouldable chill sand/anti-finning additive; iron oxide additive to foundry sand.
  • Nanoparticle technology, employing ferro-magnetic properties in permeable reactive barriers for the sorption or degradation of contaminants in groundwater
  • Heavy media separation – coal washing, scrap metal separation, removal of actinides, radioactive and heavy metals from liquid effluents. regenerant solution, recovery of hazardous wastes,
  • For conversion to ferrite and employed in mine water treatment.
  • As a gunning material in the maintenance and repair of refractory linings in furnaces.
  • Formulating into speciality fertiliser granules.
  • As a functional filler in plastics, polymers and rubbers.
  • Other uses include: Magnetic drug targeting, low-friction seals, dampening and cooling agents in loudspeakers, magnetically active membrane
    biological reactor, and controlled microfluidic flow, such as electro –magnetic clutches.

Industry Sectors

  • Land Remediation
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment
  • Foundries and Die Casting
  • Furnace Operations
  • Electronics