What is Safari Play Sand?

  • Ideal for children’s sand pits, play and craft activities.
  • Used as a decorative filler between paving stones on patios.
  • Decorating the tops of pots containing plants especially cacti.
  • Used in floral art and crafts
  • Decoration glassware and floating candle dishes.

You’re in safe hands with our sand

  • Colour fast, non-staining and environmental organic dyes
  • Thoroughly tested at each stage of the manufacturing process ensuring it meets the BS71 parts 1, 2, 3: 2013.
  • Environmentally friendly, non toxic
  • The particle sizing of the sand has been carefully screened and graded ensuring it’s not scratchy to delicate skin.
  • Impact attenuating playground surfacing compliant with and fully certified to BS1177: 2008
  • The base sand used to create the coloured Safari Range contains no Tremolite.


S is for Stimulating Play

A is for Activities

F is for Fun – Endless fun building, sculpting and digging.

A is Absorbing and Engaging

R is for Retro play

I is for Interacting

Order Quantity

Available in 1000KG Bulk bags and 15KG bags (66 bags per pallet) 11 bags of each colour.

Contact us for a bespoke colour configuration, part loads or local stockists for less than full pallet requirements.

Safari Sand Orange Coloured Sand for Children
Safari Sand Purple Coloured Sand for Children
Safari Sand Green Coloured Sand for Children
Safari Sand Blue Coloured Sand for Children
Safari Sand Red Coloured Sand for Children
Safari Sand Yellow Coloured Sand for Children