Higgi Report Jan-Feb 2018

Another record breaking month, January saw us complete a total 591 runs (this time last year, the idea of being close to 600 runs was unheard of) things are looking good for February too as we expect to hit job 1000 of 2018 before the end of the month.

As expected Vampire 8 has been a Key player across the region, completing runs including the well-publicised special formula milk between Alder Hey & Liverpool Women’s Neo Natal unit, providing valuable specially prepared formula daily to keep a very poorly premature baby alive.

Runs from Warrington Path Lab to Manchester & Alder Hey with time sensitive samples Milk Runs from Chester right across the region utilising the double rack fitted allows us to carry multiple milk boxes when required And of course, its Primary role servicing Blue Light (threat to life emergencies) at Both Aintree Hospital & The Walton Centre. There have been a few Busy days where the Higgi Blood Bike has shined due to its capabilities as an emergency Vehicle including days like 7th Feb where it completed 3 Critical frozen section samples in succession whilst the patient was still in theatre, averaging only 7 minutes per run. This makes a huge difference when the patient is being kept anesthetised whilst they wait for results from the labs over at Liverpool Royal
Runs from the Walton Centre also included cross-match samples for Organ Donation, Another incredibly time sensitive operation that could lead to life changing circumstances for a number of people.

Once again the team at MCBB couldn’t be more thankful for your donation that even some time down the line continues to provide such a valuable service to the sick and needy. Thank you very much for taking time to read this report from all at MCBB